Happy Horse Services  -  Justian Turner

Calling on the services of an equine massage and pressure point therapist can help your horse by:
  • Relieving pain
  • Preventing injury
  • Improving performance

Justian's teachers include:

  • Murray Cramond, Musterer in the 1980’s – he was a South Island high country musterer, and taught me the old bushman ways of horse management.
  • Rachel Philips she taught massage and is very experienced with horses.
  • Dr Gerd Hershman a German Vet – his theories on horse muscle groups and ligaments.
  • Summer Bardot, Australian registered horse and human Chiropractor.
  • Mervin Clarke – NZ Champion trotting trainer and ligament specialist.
  • Richard Otto – NZ galloping trainer for hoof and shoeing techniques.
  • Liz Cave for nutrition.


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